Composer, writer and comedian RANDY VANCOURT performs his strange-but-true solo musical comedy about the travails of a traveling musician.

Mixing virtuoso piano playing, vocals and comedy together in equal measure, reviews have compared Randy to Tom Lehrer, Victor Borge, 
Randy Newman and Mark Russell.

Second City alumnus and former puppeteer with The Muppets
his biggest adventure began when he decided to attempt to travel the world from North to South, playing his piano along the way.

From masquerading as a philatelist in the far North to narrowly avoiding a South Pole sinking, Randy’s musical travels led him into some unusual and entertaining situations. 

He is a veteran Music Director for hundreds of stage performances, and has composed music for numerous TV series from Carmen Sandiego to Dudley The Dragon to Loving Spoonfuls. He wrote and performed the theme songs for CTV's Our Magazine and YTV's Don't Lick The Pig, and also appeared on the show.

As a playwright he is perhaps best known for his long running musical comedy, Chutzpah à Go-Go (co-written with David Gale) that enjoyed a 4 year run in Canada, followed by its US premiere.

A second generation writer, his father was A. Lawrence Vaincourt, author of the well-loved poem Just A Common Soldier, which was turned into an Emmy Award-winning video in 2015. Randy set his father's words to music in 2008 for the successful stage musical Born Lucky.

Randy is also a syndicated humour columnist, with his work appearing in periodicals across Canada. 


"Randy Vancourt is a dynamic stage presence, whose consummate talents as comedian, songwriter and musician, shine through every moment." 
- SUN Media

"Mr. Vancourt has plenty of musical dexterity."
- National Public Radio

"...a smooth, accomplished performer." 
- Winnipeg Free Press

"Vancourt twinkles the keys at supersonic speed." 
- Waterloo Record

"Hits notes similar to Tom Lehrer and 
Randy Newman’s silly and satirical fare."
 - NOW Magazine

"Funny quips, endearing stories and expert piano playing."
- Mooney on Theatre

"Engaging storytelling and skillful piano playing." 
- My Entertainment World

 "Full of funny and witty stories." - The Manitoban

"Worth more than the price of admission." 
- Niagara This Week

"As a songwriter he shines." - CBC Radio

"A musical force to be reckoned with." - SUN Media


Written and Performed by RANDY VANCOURT